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Best Beaches in the United States 2018

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In the United States, there are many beaches for visitors to visit. American beach scenery is so beautiful, and there are a lot of fun things yo. The United States beach every day crowded, travel to the United States tourists, please do not miss the beach here Oh.
1. Oak Street Beach
This wide lakeside is the best place to admire the North Michigan Avenue, as well as a number of postcard views, where the restaurant and the city center’s location attracts all kinds of tourists. After sunset tour, feet on the cool sand beach, while enjoying the vibrant city of Chicago beauty and romantic atmosphere, beautiful and infinite.

2. old head beach
The way to the beach is not easy to find, the local tourism is basically not the project, to the elderly head beach need to pass through a jungle, if you are adventurous, must go! Walking in the summer jungle, looked up to see the sky, the head was covered with trees, often to bend over through the tree hole. The temperature is not too high, but unusually hot, and soon will be wet on the body. All the way through the cliffs, and finally out of the jungle, eyes suddenly open, and the mood suddenly see the light.

3. Hoopoka Beach Park Ho’okipa Beach Park
Hawholcita Beach Park is one of the best marine sports and entertainment attractions in Maui. This beautiful white sandy beach is located 9 miles from the Hana highway and boasts the best surfing views of Maui. Hookipa Beach Park is on the north shore of Maui Island. If you are familiar with the geography will know that the northern hemisphere of the island, the north shore is usually relatively large waves, suitable for brave surfers.

4. Ritidian Beach Ritidian Point:
Located in the southernmost tip of Guam, close to military bases and wildlife sanctuaries, with stunning views and comfortable beaches. Because it is a wild conservation area, and adjacent to the military base, so is strictly prohibited foreigners to enter, it is best to find a local tour guide to avoid mistakenly into a private place. At the bottom of the headland is the “Star Sand” is known as the Ritty Dean Beach, where the tourists hang around the beach very few, gray beach play play is mostly a group of local young people, or the size of the family took advantage of holidays to the beach BBQ or walk. Because the sea water temperature here is between 21-32 degrees Celsius, the maximum tidal range of not more than 3 feet, is a very suitable for swimming safety beaches.

Ritidian Beach Ritidian Point

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