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Nepal is a beautiful and green Country in this world,Millions People visit Nepal every Year and Nepali Peolpe they always welcome to Visitors  and I am showing you few Pictures of Nepal how it is Beautiful Country and This is apparently true for Nepal. Coalesced between two giants -India and China, Nepal’s voice often struggles to be heard but it certainly is one of the most unique voices in the world.The unique voice comes through a blend of diversities the country represents in its small territory. Diverse culture, people and topography is certainly one of the key factors that emulate the uniqueness of Nepal to the world. Often known for the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest, Nepal has been a safe haven for travellers who are in search of liberty. Nature, people and their hospitality never fails to provide the travellers what they seek as a guest in a new country. The fact that Nepal is listed as one of the coolest 50 places to visit around the world perennially clearly highlights the continuous affection provided by the Nepalese.
From vibrant people to delicious foods, from the trekking in the Himalayas to ride in the cart in plain Terai, Nepal has so much to offer; although it is a small country. In addition to this, the glorious history and contemporary arts is one of the fascinating things to look for in Nepal. Several temples, palaces and architecture style from medieval period to the modern era are certainly jaw-dropping.
The touristic destinations often include the capital city Kathmandu- (well known as city of temples), Pokhara-(the natural haven) and Chitwan (famous for its national park). Beauty of people and places blend to make Nepal the hidden heaven that welcomes explorers across the world.In this article i am going to show to most beautiful and attractive places in Nepal

10 Kopan Monastery

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