Pakistan Beautiful places in 2017

Undeniably Pakistan is the most beautiful country of the world. It has four seasons, beautiful plains, breathtaking rivers, and beaches, magnificent valleys, sky high icy topped mountains and glaciers, enormous deserts, beautiful and attractive lakes and waterfalls. Furthermore we can say Pakistan is tourist paradise.Pakistan also has many cultural and historical places which are very attractive for visitors, and annually millions of tourists come to Pakistan to visit these places.
Pakistan has the famous sights of relic of mohenjo daro near Texila, Harapa near Sahiwal, The Lahore Fort, The Badshadi Mosque, Jehangir and Noor Jahan Tombs and Rani Coat fort ect.Kalam and its famous Mahudan lake in north is really beautiful. The Hunza Valley in north is close to K2 and Rakaposhi mountains among the highest peaks,tourists reside in motels and also go on long walk, also attempting mountain climbing.Pakistan blessed with extremely affluent historical heritage, varied culture, high exploration, and supreme natural beauty.

From the vestiges of famous Civilizations of Gandhara and Indus to massive icy peaks varying from 1000 m to over 8000 meter, meadows and lakes of sparkling and crystal clear waters. So we can say that Pakistan offer a distinctive destination to behold the convoy of mankind across ages and valuable beauties of nature,to the tourists of the world.
The landscape of Pakistan ranges from supercilious mountains in the north, the Karakoram and the Himalayas, through dissected plateaus to the rich plains of the Punjab. Then follows bleak barrenness of Balochistan and the hot dry deserts of Sindh unification of miles and miles of caramelized beaches of Mekran coast. Pakistan is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and primarily a Muslim society. 97% of the 140 million people in Pakistan are Muslims.Today i am going to telling you about Pakistan beautiful places,there is many places you can visit but in this article i mentioned 12 most visiting and beautiful places.

12 Ranikot Fort

This Picture Credit goes to S.M.Bukhari

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