Top Ten visiting , beautiful and Attractive Places in Bhutan

Top Ten visiting , beautiful and Attractive Places in Bhutan

Many places and countries around the world have some unique features which captures the eyes of tourists and become a place for fascinating tours and travels. Bhutan popularly known as ‘The last Shangrila on Earth’ has also become one of the most attractive destinations for the tourists everywhere. People from far and wide make a huge effort to visit Bhutan. This country exhibits great beauty in its natural environment, the dramatic landscapes, the monasteries, the fortresses and socio-cultural traditions.

For centuries Bhutanese have conserved their natural environment. This pristine environment with the unique geographical and climatic conditions have made Bhutan one of the world’s hotspot. There are high rugged mountains and deep valleys which offer a rich and diverse ecosystem. The country has a forest coverage of almost 64% and this includes various national parks and sanctuaries like WangchuckSancturyJigme Singye National Park, Royal Manas National Park and many more. All of these wondrous sites provide a brilliant excursion to the tourists. Not only that, the crystal clear air and the magnificent alpine views give a great trekking tour to the visitors. The cycle of four seasons and the moderate climatic conditions play a vital role in the attraction of the tourists. Many a times, people visit Bhutan to enjoy the marvellous environment in nature.

Another paramount attribute of the country for tourists’ appeal is the amazing and elegant monasteries and fortresses which are located in various places throughout Bhutanese have preserved and protected these architectures for many generations. All the temples, monasteries, stupas and fortresses have their own significance based on the Buddhist religion. Many were constructed hundreds of years back during the time of mystical saints and preachers, however some dated back to the late twentieth century. So today, a number of these beautiful architectural designs has become a place for tourist to relish and discover. Some of them are Taktshang monastery, Punakha DzongTrashichho Dzong, National museum, memorial stupa of the king and Phobjikha.

Tourists often make and expedition to Bhutan to socialize with the people and explore the splendour of its culture and tradition, Bhutanese are very polite and frank with sense of humour and charm. They are very hospitable. Tourists always take pleasure in interacting with them. On top of that, Bhutanese culture is also very remarkable. People celebrate various festivals on sacred occasions as well as other special occasions. The most popular festival is known as Tshechu, a religious event where monk body performs mask dances and entertains the people. Bhutanese have dress code, food and games. The beauty of Bhutanese resides in their culture and tradition. Consequently, tourists are attracted time and again.

With many charms and vitality in the natural, social and cultural environment of Bhutan, a lot of people across the globe intend to pass the border of Bhutan and experience its glory and exquisiteness. Though Bhutan is a small, landlocked country with two giant neighbours, China and India but it is a place where people yearns to visit these days.Here is top ten visting places in bhutan

10 Punakha

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