Vancouver city is modern city of civilization and natural beauty in Canada

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Canada Vancouver City:

If you are tired of the restlessness of the city, then there is no relationship, Vancouver around the periphery is full of natural scenery, starting from the street by car, just 30 minutes, you can see the endless plains, stepped on the prairie, will feel Feel comfortable, all the troubles and fatigue will be vanished.Vancouver is located in the west coast of Canada, Canada, Canada and the north side of the border, is the largest natural port in the West Bank of Canada, the mountain side of the ocean, the summer temperature of 20 degrees, while the winter is rarely less than 0 degrees.

Pleasant climate and unique natural beauty, it has repeatedly been the United Nations as “the most suitable for human habitation” of the city. Vancouver residents have many immigrants from all over the world, no matter what kind of race, no one in the local people think you are a foreigner, this is a quiet, gentle, people kind of warm tourist city. At the same time, it is also a wealthy green residential city, covered with glacier foot of the mountain is the island embellished by the islands, tree-lined, picturesque.

Vancouver gathered a large number of Chinese immigrants, making Chinatown in the eastern part of the city of Pen Street (Pender) Chinatown as Canada’s largest Chinatown (vertical and ten blocks), throughout the North American region, its size after the United States San Francisco’s Chinatown The Chinatown is full of thick Hong Kong charm, Chinese everywhere, Chinese goods is dazzling.
Vancouver along the coastline and the streets are very unique, the city design concentration, walking in which the feeling relaxed and relaxed. There are more than 100 parks in the city, the most famous natural park is Stanley Park, the largest city park in North America. The park has beaches, lakes, amusement parks and picnic places, stands with different shapes of Indian woodcut totem pole, hand fine, rich cultural atmosphere, is the tourists will take pictures of the place. Here is still a large number of beautiful rose garden, every summer, the rose garden in a variety of varieties, a variety of colors rose in full bloom, extremely charming.

Vancouver began its very colorful nightlife, where there are first-class theaters, bars, dance halls, high quality lunch and Japanese and Korean restaurants to choose from. To Vancouver, can not fit into this colorful night, Vancouver’s nightlife is as charming as its beauty, where you can enjoy jazz, rock, blues and other music bars, but also in the disco Fast-paced rotation, and watch a variety of live concerts.

This is a modern city civilization and natural beauty in harmony with a quiet city, its beauty and the gentle so that countless people intoxicated, panic dream cable.

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